Hearthstone Basileus Cup

Online Tournament

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 13:00 HKT

  1. Registration
    -Participants are required to provide their Battle Tag and Character Code

-The tournament will be played on the Asia server. Registration will begin 2 hours before the start time(11:00 HKT), and will be closed at 12:40 HKT. Bracket will be released shortly after.

-Late registration will not be accepted, brackets will not be modified when released.

  1. Format
    -First 3 weeks will be qualifying rounds, the top 8 participants in points will be qualified for the monthly final.

-Single day tournament.

-Qualifying Rounds:
i.Pre-SemiFinals: Best of 3
ii.Semi-Finals and Grand Finals: Best of 5

-Monthly Finals:
i.Pre-GrandFinals: Best of 5
ii.GrandFinals: Best of 7

-Single Elimination

  1. Rules
    -Participants will be required to submit three classes when registering. First round will be blind pick. The winner is required to use the same class but is allowed to change his/her deck. The loser is free to use any remaining classes. Classes cannot be repeated

-Participants must join the assigned Raidcall channel (Taiwan), their Raidcall ID must be the BattleTag with Character Code (ex. HKESadmin#1234). If we are not able to contact any participants on Raidcall, they will be disqualified.
i.Channel Name:
ii.Channel ID: 26635511

-Unless agreed by both sides, disconnect is regarded as a loss in default.

-Winner must screenshot and submit the victory screen(Screenshot must include the winner, loser and time stamp)

-First move is always decided by the game itself.

-There is no restrictions on any deck.

-No entry fee

-Winner must report their victory within 5 minutes of completion. If neither side can provide proof of victory, the respective match will be re-played.

-Any abuse of third-party softwares, bugs and lack of sportsmanship may result in disqualification.

-Teams must start their game within 10 minutes of the start time, failure to do so may result in disqualification. Definition of start time: 1) tournament start time, or 2) when both teams are moved to the same match.

-Please use the support system for absence report, absence must be confirmed by our administrators.

-We reserve the rights to override this term within reasons

-Any disputes must be report to the administrators immediately with clear evidences. If disputes are reported too late and in consequences causing delays during tournament, we reserve the right to decide the winner of the respective matches.

-After a match, participants may choose to delay the next match for up to 5 minutes for a short break or deck picking.

-If neither side started a match nor reported absence, the administrator will decide the winner.

-To contact the administrators, please use the support system.

-We reserve the rights to make exceptions when necessary.

  1. Qualifying Rounds
Standings Points
1st 40pts
2nd 20pts
3rd4th 11pts
5th8th 5pts
9th16th 2pts

5. Monthly Finals

Standings Points
1st 300pts + HKD 700
2nd 100pts + HKD 300
3rd4th 50pts
5th8th 20pts

Prize will be distributed after the monthly finals, overseas teams will receive prize through PAYPAL. Currency transfer fee will be deducted from the prize.

Monthly finals: the top 8 teams in points will qualify for the finals; top 16 teams will receive notification regarding the finals at the fourth week. Teams must confirm their qualification before Wednesday. If there are teams fail to do so, qualification will be moved to the next team in points. Monthly finals are held at the same time.