Acorn joins Saint, xiaoxi joins ZTR Esports club, and pyl takes a break from LGD’s starting lineup

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LGD Gaming posted a lengthy official announcement on Weibo that featured three of the team’s players.   The team first officially announced Choi “Acorn” Cheonju’s departure from LGD Gaming and that he will play top lane for Hyper Youth Gaming, now renamed Saint. Acorn spent 2016 LPL Spring as an analyst and substitute top laner for LGD Gaming after accompanying them to the 2015 World Championship. Ex-jungle sub Li “xiaoxi” Weisheng will transfer to League of Legends Secondary Pro League team, ZTR Esports. ZTR Esports’ starting jungler in the 2016 LPL Spring was Cho “Watch” Jaegeol. Their final announcement was that team captain Chen “pyl” Bo will take a short break from the LPL at the start of the season due to health reasons. As a result, substitute jungler Li “Yu” Xinnan will take over as the starting support as LGD’s summer split commences. The team did not reveal how long pyl’s recovery would take or elaborate upon what kind of affliction troubled his health. LGD’s starting roster now looks as follows:
  • Jang “MaRin” Gyeonghwan at top lane
  • Xie “Eimy” Dan in jungle
  • Ly “Punished” Yuanhui at mid lane
  • Gu “imp Seungbin at AD carry
  • Li “Yu” Xinnan at support

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