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[hkes_show_google_ad] We had a talk with Philip “aizy” Aistrup at the beginning of the final day of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas and we asked him about the tough battle on Inferno against Gambit, the upcoming SK semi-final, and his role in North compared to the one he had in FaZe. Yesterday, North’s series with Gambit saw the Danes winning Nuke and getting up to 15-6 on Inferno, but they weren’t able to close it out before the map got to overtime. We grabbed Philip “aizy” Aistrup for an interview about the quarter-final as well as the upcoming semi-final with SK. He also explained the difference between Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s andMathias “MSL” Lauridsen’s leading and the way he is being used inNorth.
You had a big lead on Gambit on Inferno, 15-6, but you weren’t able to close it out until the overtime – what happened after that 15-6 point? After the 15-6 I think they just had an answer to our play and they shut us down pretty good. We threw away some rounds that we shouldn’t and they made some clutches and got important kills in the crucial situations. That’s why they came back, I don’t think it’s because we choked or anything, they just got the important kills in the important situations. You finally managed to get some T rounds on the board in the overtime, talk me through the adaption you made there. We just tried to slow it down, we talked about our mistakes and how we should try to adapt to their play. In the end, it got really close and Magisk got some important clutches that made us pretty much win the map. I noticed that you were flashing MSL in on Inferno on banana as opposed to the other way around, can you explain why that is? MSL likes to play aggressive, I can play both aggressive and passive. If I just flash for MSL and he gets as many kills as he can, I will have the kills on the site when they come. That’s why we do it like that. Facing SK in the semis, what do you think about their new team? I haven’t seen too much from them, but they seem pretty good right now with felps. It’s too early to say how well they’re gonna do or anything, but I think it’s gonna be a good game. What do you expect from the match-up? I think it’ll be a close game, our playstyle will fit really well to theirs. They like to play slow, they can play aggressive as well, we’ll just have to be ready for everything. If they hit their shots, it’s gonna be a hard match, but if we hit ours, they’re gonna have a hard time as well. Do you feel like you have an advantage in the veto? How do your map pools compare? We don’t have that much practice, so the preparation was limited, but I think we’re pretty even in the veto process. I think we’re gonna end up on maps we’re both comfortable on, so it’s just gonna be a good game. From what I talked to MSL in our previous interview, he said he thought the main reason for your switch from FaZe to North was that you wanted to go back to a Danish team and communicate in Danish, was that the main reason? Was there anything else behind it? No, that was the main reason, I don’t have any personal issues with FaZe Clan. I just missed playing for a Danish team in a long time, when I had the opportunity I didn’t want to let it go. That’s why I decided to go to North. You mentioned the limited preparation, do you feel comfortable in MSL’s system as it is right now, after two weeks of practice? What is the difference between karrigan’s and MSL’s style and the way you’re being used? Right now, we’re just trying out new roles and see how it goes. K0nfig plays more of a RUBINO role on the T side, I have more of RUBINO’s roles on the CT side. But the system of MSL’s leading is a little more structured than with karrigan, karrigan likes to have his players loose. Not that we don’t have no freedom, in a sense it’s kinda the same, it’s just that MSL has a little bit more structure I think. [hkes_show_google_ad]

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