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Two weeks after purchasing the Los Angeles Renegades’ spot in the NA League Championship Series, Team EnVyUs added Alex “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin as their mid lane substitute. Alex Ich joins Renegades players Noh “Ninja” Geon-woo of the mid lane, top laner Shin “Seraph” Woo-yeong and support Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent. Jungler Kim “Procxin” Seyoung, formerly on Team Impulse, AD Carrys Benjamin “LOD” deMunch and Zach “Nien” Malhas were signed a few days after the original three. “I was tired of being on bottom teams,” Ich said. “Envy is a really trustworthy organization. It’s really worth it for me. We decided it would be good for me to be a substitute because if the team does well, then OK, I’m a sub on a really good team. If the team does bad, then maybe I’ll be able to help.” Ich was traded to Team Dragon Knights in March as part of a deal the organization struck with Renegades. As he joined TDK, Ninja and Seraph were traded out, but the trio’s acquisition by EnVyUs brings the former Renegades players together. Ich said he is excited to work with former Renegades coach David “Hermes” Tu again and feels supported by his new team’s management. The veteran continues to tackle the unique challenge of juggling fatherhood and professional gaming, a hurdle most players have yet to face. “It is a unique thing,” he said of having a child while competing. “I guess the biggest issue that most teams have is I can’t live in the gaming house. I either have to have an apartment near the gaming house, so I can move frequently, or I just play from home. Usually it’s not a problem, but it can be hard because people stay less focused.” Ich said his new partnership with Team Envy has made him optimistic about the future for both himself and the organization. “At this moment, I just care about the results of the team because I know people on this team and I care about them,” Ich said. “I guess some fans will be upset that I won’t be playing, but other fans should be happy because I’ll be streaming more. When you’re playing in the LCS, especially when you’re losing, it gets really hard to get yourself streaming because people will ask why you’re doing so bad, and you have no answers. Streaming without all that is normally a better experience for viewers.” Ich adores his Twitch chat, which he endearingly characterizes as “usually nonsense.” With only a few days before the NA LCS starts, Ich must settle in with his new squad quickly. Although there might be some language barriers to overcome, Ich believes in the management’s vision. “On paper, the team is looking as strong as Renegades’ team was looking,” Ich said. “I didn’t have any issues with Renegades, and so far, I have none with Envy. I think Mike is a really great owner. He really cares about people.”   [Source: ESPN]

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