Bang showing respect to a Legendary AD carry

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Bae “Bang” Jun-sik showed his respect for a legendary Chinese AD Carry that he had faced earlier on in his career. SK Telecom T1 defeated the ROX Tigers 2-0 on Thursday, and it also was Bang’s 300th competitive match in his career. In a video interview with Fomos after the match, Bang shared his thoughts about his almost six year long career, and what opponents he had the most amount of trouble against. “The first player I felt like I was running into a wall when I started out was WeiXiao,” he said. “It was very early into my career, so I think it was possible that I was just that much worse than I am today, but I thought Weixiao was the best player in the world at the time. After that, I haven’t thought ‘man I can’t beat this one player’ since.” Gao “WeiXiao” Xue-Cheng has since retired from professional play, but he is still regarded as one of the best players in the history of League of Legends. He was a member of Team WE until his retirement in 2014. He still commands a strong following and will return to compete on stage as a part of the Return of the Legends tournament at the Hong Kong E-sports and Music Festival as part of Team China. Bang was actually not aware that he hit another career milestone with his 300th professional match, but it still served as a way to look back at his career. He has certainly come a long way from a part of Najin White Shield and Xenics Blast, and the new success brings new pressure. “I’m going into almost six years of being a pro since I’ve been one for over five years, and I think I lived a full and proper life,” he said. “I have the feeling that a lot more people are aware of me, and it’s a little pressuring, since there are some younger fans who look up to me as a role model, and people my age that cheer for us or just get energized by seeing us perform regardless of age.” Bang’s success has been synonymous with SKT’s, and the two are seldom mentioned without the other. Bang said that he feels like his career right now is “my golden age,” and he thinks so “regardless of the money or glory” because of the people he was able to meet, such as his teammates and coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun. Bang admitted he always wanted to be part of the gaming industry as a professional, even though it came with its fair share of strife and conflict. It seems like during his career he was rather unaware of the amount of support he was getting, and shared how he was able to overcome his own trials to become the professional he is today. “I’ve made a career for myself while being a pro gamer, but up until 2015 I was kind of dulled to the fans because my life was incredibly hectic at the time, and I certainly liked having the support of the fans, but it was also really tough since my game play had some rough patched during that season,” he said. I just focused on the game. As I won, as I learned how to win, I started to feel more comfort, and I started to feel “this is what it means to have the support of the fans.”

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