Bjergsen Refutes Criticism of His MSI Performance on Stream

After Team SoloMid’s loss at MSI 2017, every member of the roster was receiving harsh criticisms. TSM’s mid laner, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, was faulted for playing too safe during games and for not being the big playmaker that he is known to be.

During Wednesday’s night stream he was asked, “Yahoo released an article saying you’re a dominant mid lane in US but in international tournaments, you play too scared/cautious and hinder your ability. Do you agree with them? Why or why Not?”

He didn’t take kind to the criticism.

Bjergsen comments on how that the people who say he plays too safe are focusing on two games where he wasn’t able to make high-impact plays and how any unnecessary risks from him could have thrown the games.

His commentary gives an interesting insight on the players’ thoughts on their own play style that we don’t normal get. Maybe hearing his own opinion and justification will stop this particular criticism.

Though, it’s tough to agree with everything he says. It was clear from everyone that Team SoloMid struggled with closing out games and that includes making decisive and creative engagements. That can rely on certain players to make the call or even a play. We know that Doublelift and Bjergsen shared shotcalling duty, but since Wildturtle is on the roster, it’s now the shared duty of Bjergsen and Hauntzer. Who knows whether Hauntzer has enough experience to truly be an in-game leader like Doublelift and Bjergsen? Somewhere along the lines, the communication became stale or timid and that’s the job of the playmaker to fix that.

Wildturtle quickly became the scapegoat of MSI, but that’s not fair and the blame should be shared by everyone and that includes Bjergsen, but he is not solely responsible for their failure.