Caps on EU at Rift Rivals: ‘I think we should be able to beat all the NA teams

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Interview adapted from theScore Esports Fnatic’s improvement as a team continues, and mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther has developed alongside them. With the label of “Baby Faker” hovering in the background, Caps has shown, as he stacks up against the best mid laners in Europe, that the team’s spring revival was not a fluke. Before Week 5, theScore esports caught up with Caps to ask him about Fnatic’s mindset, his Week 2 outplay of G2 Esports’ Luka “PerkZ” Perković, and where he thinks he stacks up against the rest of EU’s mid laners. How would you compare the team’s morale now to Week 5 of the 2017 Spring Split? Honestly the team’s morale is not that much better right now, even though we are winning it is really stressful because our opponents are constantly trying to find a way to beat us, so we are forced to adapt or drop our first place. Has the roster made any major changes to the way they communicate? No we have not made any huge changes, but just like everything else our communication is constantly improving. What are your own personal goals for this split? Win Worlds. Anything else would be a disappointment. Can you walk us through the Week 2 outplay against Perkz? How much of your decision to turn away from him to avoid the ult was reaction, and how much was prediction? I have not given much thought to it, but I suppose it was a mixture because I knew she had to throw her ulti at some point during the skirmish and luckily I reacted when she threw it. Where would you put yourself among EU’s mid laners right now? I made my list and I talked a bit about it, but I think the Top 3 is pretty clear with me, Perkz and Febiven and then Nukeduck is a bit of a wildcard. Fnatic is one of the three EU teams that will represent the region in Rift Rivals. What are your thoughts on how Europe will do? I think Europe will do really well. I do not watch that much NA or UoL/G2 but I think we should be able to beat all the NA teams since they have not played versus our unique style before. Anything else to add? As always the fan support is great so I would like to thank for that, and apologize for the series against ROCCAT. We really underestimated them/became complacent and I am happy we did this Week 3 so we could learn from it instead of it happening in playoffs/worlds.

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