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Interview adapted from Slingshot Esports’ website. Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with Dignitas’ Lee “Chaser” Sang-hyeon during the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS). They talked (in Korean and translated to English) briefly about Dignitas’ start to the summer split and resolving the team’s communication issues. Andrew Kim: Communication was a problem in the previous split, but it seems like the team is doing much better in that regard. In what way do you think the team improved in? Lee “Chaser” Sang-Hyeon: We kept scrimming in English, so we started to develop an ear for the language, and it’s been a little better as we start to better understand what is being said. AK: Riot doled out new changes with the new patch in the form of a new Rift Herald and items. What are your thoughts on the new things on the rift? LSH: I think having the Rift Herald is really good. For items, I think Doran’s shield should be nerfed for sure. Xayah and Rakan are interesting because they can create a lot of unexpected results. I think their laning and roaming is quite strong. AK: Riot will be removing relegation with a franchising system, as well as changing the Challenger scene into an Academy scene. It seems to be very divisive what the removal of relegation might bring forth, so what are your thoughts on the matter? LSH: There are some positives and negatives, and I think it was an overall good for the players who are already in the LCS, and not so much for the up and coming Challenger players. AK: Echo Fox also changed their scrimming policies to scrim their sister team, and it feels like a very early CJ Entus-esque in that sense. Do you think this could work in North America too? LSH: I think scrimming with a wide variety of teams is good. Once you limit yourself to a small pool, then you have very little to learn as well, such as the meta or game management. I think it’s better to look broadly. AK: I’m sure the players have their own ways of keeping themselves grounded and keep their peak conditioning both mentally and physically. Do you have anything you do? LSH: Before the game I do mind control while listening to music. When we lose a game, this mind control becomes more important because it could lead to further losses. I just keep thinking of positive things.

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