Counter Logic Gaming defeat Flash Wolves 3-1, advance to MSI Grand Finals

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With a 3-1 victory over the Flash Wolves in the Mid-Season Invitational Semifinals, Counter Logic Gaming have made history as the first North American team to ever play in the Grand Finals of an international Riot tournament.   CLG took the first game after dominating the Flash Wolves in a clean game, showing off CLG’s strong fundamental play before they pulled out the tricks for their later games. The Wolves took Game 2 with 14 kills to CLG’s five, off the back of impressive plays from both MMD and Maple, but they weren’t prepared for the last two games. CLG pulled out a Sona pick for Aphromoo in Game 3, which started off poorly for CLG. Darshan couldn’t make an impact in the top lane, but mid-game mistakes from the Wolves let CLG open things up. Aphromoo may not have led the charge, but he was always there, healing when it mattered most, and picked up an amazing 100 percent kill participation stat in Game 3. Despite having Sona in their lineup again for game 4, CLG got off to yet another slow start, but things turned quickly. CLG took a lead at 15 minutes after winning a major teamfight, then extended that lead as the Flash Wolves flailed. CLG kept up the push and finally broke NA’s curse with a 30-minute victory. Counter Logic Gaming are the first ever North American team to appear the Grand Finals of a Riot-sponsored tournament. While NA teams have made it to the Grand Finals of various offseason tournaments such as IEM, none have ever played in the Grand Finals at MSI or the World Championship. CLG will face off against SK Telecom T1 in the MSI Grand Finals on May 15.

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