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LoL: CLG defeats TSM 3-2 in the NA LCS Finals With a 3-2 victory over Team SoloMid Sunday, CLG are the 2016 NA LCS Spring Finals champions, and will be heading to the Mid-Season Invitational. TSM got off to a very strong start in Game 1, but CLG played smart and took a key double Teleport play to give themselves four kills and Baron that put them back in the game. But TSM answered back with an Ace, turning the game into a straight-up slugfest. CLG ended up winning more fights, but blood was shed every time these two teams crossed paths. With that said, it wasn’t a teamfight that decided the game. CLG’s constant pushes brought down TSM’s inhibitors, and all they had to do was delay them in the baron pit and let the Super Minions do the work. Game 2 went a lot like the first, as TSM got off to an early lead that CLG made up for with clever mid game plays. But this time, TSM was able to hold their lead and use it to tear CLG apart. A key teamfight in the mid lane started with a massive four-man knock up from Hauntzer and led to a Triple Kill that sealed CLG’s fate. CLG flipped the script for Game 3, taking an early lead that they never gave up — owing their teamfight tenacity to Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaha’s nigh-unkillable 5/3/11 Poppy. But TSM wouldn’t go down without taking some fights. A huge win in the bottom lane put TSM back at even, but a comeback fight by the Baron pit gave CLG the final Ace they needed to clean out TSM and take Game 3. CLG went for a Twisted Fate last-pick in Game 4 and it cost them. CLG weren’t able to find the picks their team composition demanded, thanks in-part to Soren “Bjergsen” Berg’s ubiquitous, 3/0/7 Lulu. Despite stealing Baron out from under TSM’s nose, CLG still lost the post-steal teamfight and were helpless in the face of TSM’s final push. TSM tied the series 2-2, and it was time for Silver Scrapes. Game 5 began as something of an anticlimax. CLG rolled over TSM with quick kills in the top and bottom lanes, but TSM wasn’t going to let CLG reclaim their title that easily. TSM took two kills to even things out and slowed the game’s tempo down to a crawl. Their triple-AD carry team composition lent itself to a big late-game teamfight, and they won fight after fight after the thirty-minute mark, but it wasn’t enough. Rookie AD carry Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes went huge in the final fight with a Triple Kill, shredding through TSM in one last teamfight to end the game 6/1/4. With the Ace secured, CLG punched their ticket to MSI and took their third Nexus of the night. Along with qualifying for MSI, CLG earn 90 Championship Points which will go towards qualifying for the World Championships at the end of the year. Despite falling to CLG, TSM also earned 70 Championship Points in the loss.   [Source: TheScore]

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