Cloud 9 wins FlyQuest in dominating fashion

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C9 swept aside their former sister team in two dominating games.

The first game was the closer of the two. Impact struggled in the top lane, falling down in CS. But C9 was winning elsewhere, and unlike in their last match, an uncoordinated loss to Immortals, C9 decided to initiate and make plays. This time, they were the ones to pull off a two-for-one turret trade.

C9 mid laner Nicolaj Jensen has been criticized in the past for focusing too much on his lane and not helping around the map. Well, one fix for that is for the rest of the team to come to him, especially when he’s fed on Syndra.

Jensen showed up in game two. He built another CS lead against FlyQuest’s Hai Lam and even solo-killed him in lane. But again, he got help from his friends. Impact finally started winning again, storming to an enormous CS lead despite dying early. And Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi had total control of the bot lane.

FlyQuest survived by sneaking a couple early drakes and stealing a Baron, but this game was C9’s from start to finish. Near the end, the only question was whether Sneaky would get his 1,000th kill in the LCS—he did.

Cloud9 will exit the week 3-3, having built some momentum for their season. Wins like this are especially important with another international event, Rift Rivals, coming up in a couple weeks.

FlyQuest, on the other hand, are really struggling. Their focus needs to be 100 percent on surviving and not getting relegated.

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