Cloud9 beats Renegades to reach Group A Finals

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Cloud9 will join Luminosity Gaming in the final of ELEAGUE’s Group A after beating Renegades 2-0 (16-3 on Cobblestone and 16-11 on Cache).

The first map of the series was Cobblestone, on which Renegades had defeated Cloud9 the day before. This time around, however, the game was the polar opposite, with Cloud9 turning in an impressive display to quickly dispose of their opponents.

The map began with Aaron “AZR” Ward almost winning a 1vs4 clutch in the B site before being denied by Mike “shroud” Grzesiek, without a doubt Cloud9’s star player on the CT side. A third-round buy from Renegades paid off, but their inability to build on that win cost them dearly and resulted in a double eco.

With a crushing economic control and their players winning all the aim duels, Cloud9 never allowed Renegades to capitalise on the few round wins they had in the half, with the North American side cruising to a commanding 12-3 lead.

More misery was to come for Renegades, as Cloud9 won the pistol round with ease following a fast B execute. The Australian side still tried to salvage a round with a force-buy in the third round, but the move did not pay off and it left them with a broken economy against a C9 team on map point.


Cloud9 march on to the group final

Map two, Cache, began with Cloud9 getting out to a quick 3-0 on the Terrorist side. When we reached the gun rounds, the tide of the game turned towards Renegades, who restored parity on four rounds.

Cloud9 were quickly back at it, however, winning the ninth round on a force buy thanks to two entry frags from Jake “Stewie2K” Yip. That win eventually turned into a streak, with the North American side claiming a 10-5 half-time lead.

Just like in the first half, Cloud9 won the pistol round, but this time around Renegades came right back to win the next round on a force buy. The Australian side kept grinding out rounds and eventually reduced the gap to just a single round. But then Alec “Slemmy” White won a 1vs2 clutch, turning the game on its head and powering Cloud9 to string four rounds together and lock down the map 16-11.


[Source: HLTV]

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