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Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo has moved from player to coach with the announcement that he is the new head coach of Apex Gaming NA Challenger Series squad. Crumbz announced Wednesday that he was retiring from professional play, but did not specify at the time where he was headed next. He is a long time member of the League of Legends professional scene, having played for a few different teams since 2011, including an almost three year stint on Team Dignitas. On top of being a strong player, Crumbz is also known as a great analyst. His predictions during 2014 Worlds earned him the nickname “The Prophet.” On his stream after the retirement announcement, Crumbz explained that his reason for retiring was that after the sale of his former team Renegades, the new owners did not want him on the team and he did not have any other LCS offers. In Crumbz’ YouTube video about his new coaching job, he speaks about his passion for teaching and analysis, as well as promising that he will continue to stream and post videos to his YouTube channel.   [Source: TheScore]

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