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LoL: Dade back to QG In a short promotional video on Weibo, QG Reapers have announced that Bae “Dade” Eojin will join the team once again. Dade started for QG Reapers as a Reserve League player early this spring, but was released when the team was playing well and it didn’t seem likely he would be able to play in the League of Legends Pro League. Following a season fraught with conflict between QG Reapers’ jungler, Baek “Swift” Dahoon, and mid laner, Kim “Doinb” Taesang, Dade was slated to start for QG in the semifinal against EDward Gaming. Because Dade was not registered to the team a week in advance, QG were not able to finalize the substitution, and forfeited the match. Dade returned to Korea. When Dade returned to Korea, he publicly expressed interest in returning to QG Reapers on stream, praising QG AD carry Jian “Uzi” Zihao. It seemed likely that Dade would become a fixture of the starting lineup in time for the new season. QG revealed Dade will rejoin the team a promotional video of the player in his dressing room, wearing the QG uniform. Sources have told theScore that he will start for the team, and Dade previously stated he would only be interested in returning if he felt certain he would play in the main lineup. A second post featured an image of Dade with the subtitle “Welcome Home, Newbee Dade.” Newbee is the parent organization and owner of QG Reapers.   [Source: TheScore Esports]

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