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[hkes_show_google_ad] After a two year hiatus from the LCK, KT Rolster AD carry Hyukgyu “Deft” Kim sat down with InvenGlobal’s Minyoung “Irro” Jang to discuss how it felt to return to the LCK from the Chinese LPL. “It feels good to be back in the LCK with my new teammates after leaving for two years,” said Deft. Deft moved to China to play for EDward Gaming in 2014. EDG was the only Chinese team to make it out of groups at the 2015 World Championship, and finished 5th-8th in both the 2015 and 2016 World Championship. In an interview with FOMOS last November, Deft expressed his wish to return to Korea in order to have a chance at a Worlds title and returned to the LCK this season after signing on with KT Rolster. “My playstyle has changed dramatically after returning to the LCK. I often felt confident enough to start a skirmish even when we were outnumbered in the LPL,” Deft told InvenGlobal. “After returning to the LCK, I try not to open up a teamfight when we are outnumbered.” Deft elaborated on the importance of teamfights, stating his observations about the current power level of AD carries. “AD Carries can thrive when a game goes into the teamfight phase,” he said. “However, it’s often not the case in the Solo Queue as AD Carries are often not strong enough to have an influence in the early game. I think it’s because the current meta is all about powerful junglers, teleporting toplaners and roaming midlaners.” Deft also attributed his team’s 2-0 victory over ROX Tigers to KT’s teamwork and personal mechanics. “I wanted to play perfectly, but I’ve made too many mistakes for my liking,” Deft stated. “Most of [the team’s] preparations were focused on teamfights, but I think I still did pretty well on the personal level as well.” [hkes_show_google_ad]

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