DeMoN, BuLba, Dubu form Team Onyx

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[hkes_show_google_ad] North American Dota 2 veterans Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho and Sam “BuLba” Sosale have teamed up with Korean player Kim “DuBu” Doo-young and formed Team Onyx, according to DeMoN on Monday. The news marks DuBu’s departure from MVP Phoenix, who was an off-and-on member since Dec. 8, 2015, as well as BuLba’s departure from Team Liquid, who joined that team on Sept. 16 for the Fall Major season. Meanwhile, DeMoN departed from Fnatic on Nov. 28 as the team dropped all their Filipino players. Also joining the trio is Mason “mason” Venne, who notably finished third at The International 2014 as the stand-in carry player for Evil Geniuses. However his recent competitive forays as part of Dragneel and Doo Wop have not bared much fruit. DeMoN, BuLba and DuBu all attended The International 2016 as part of their respective teams. BuLba finished in last place with Team Secret, DuBu Finished in 5th-6th with MVP Phoenix and DeMoN finished in 7th-8th with TNC Pro Team. Of the three TI6 attendees, only DuBu made an appearance at the recent Boston Major as part of MVP Phoenix, though they finished in 9th-16th after losing their first match of the Round of 16 bracket 2-0 against the eventual champions OG. Meanwhile DeMoN, as part of Fnatic, and BuLba, as part of Team Liquid, both failed to advance through the Major qualifier. According to DeMoN’s tweet, their fifth member is still to be determined. [hkes_show_google_ad]

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