Dennis on Fnatic’s Major performance and preparation

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[hkes_show_google_ad] As the Swiss format portion of the ELEAGUE Major 2017 continues, talked to Fnatic’s Dennis “Dennis” Edman after their Round 2 victory over North about the team’s disappointing form and how they faltered in their opening match against G2 Esports. “Yesterday was not a good day for me at least, I played really bad,” he said. “We didn’t any pistols and it ended at 16-10, it didn’t feel like we were on point, any of us, even though we did some clutches.” Even with the bad form, Dennis defended the team’s practice regiment prior to the start of the Major. “Absolutely, we started to practice a lot and then we felt ready, we had enough tactics on each map and didn’t want to repeat them anymore, you can’t have too many… then we just said we wouldn’t practice anymore and rather play individually,” he said. Fnatic’s ELEAGUE Major has been colored with some uncertainty. A report prior to the start of the tournament saw claims that the originally dominant lineup from 2015 and early 2016 was to reunite. This precedes their shaky form as well, as they followed up the loss against G2 Esports with a very close match against North, where the Swedes had coach Jimmy “Jumpy” Berndtsson to thank for getting them back on track for the win. “When we were at 13-13, we paused because [Jumpy] had an idea and the idea was to molotov left side, rush right side, and that’s when we won.” One of the more interesting answers from Dennis was the claim that teams with less advanced tactics will go further in the major tournament. “Actually, I think the best teams that’s gonna go far in this tournament would be maybe GODSENT, FaZe, teams that play YOLO, they don’t really play like a lot of tactics, they play more individually,” he said. “I think the teams that play more individually and don’t use as much smokes, flashes everywhere, they’re gonna go far.” [hkes_show_google_ad]

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