Dyrus on Delta Fox’s streamer-centric lineup: ‘I wanted to come back to give the fans something to cheer for’

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Echo Fox shocked the League of Legends world earlier this week when they announced their challenger team this upcoming split would be made up of five retired LoL pros, most of whom are now popular streamers. Following up on the shocking, but definitely very real, announcement, former Team SoloMid top laner Marcus “Dyrus” Hill talked to theScore esports about joining Echo Fox, re-entering the pro scene, and how the team might mess with the established meta. What was it about Echo Fox’s offer that made you want to do this? I didn’t end my professional career how I wanted to. I wanted to come back to give the fans something to cheer for and to have some fun. Who approached you and how did the conversation start? My manager from Everyday Influencers brought it to me and handled everything for me. What was your initial reaction? My initial reaction was thinking, “You’re trolling me right, QT is actually interested in doing this?” when my manager Justin told me the opportunity. I didn’t expect it to become a reality. How effective do you think this team will be? How important is it to you guys to win? I think the team will be good. We’re all good at the game, the only problem is that we don’t have a jungle and support main but we’ll manage to figure it out. What team in Challenger Series do you view as your biggest competition? There are actually a lot of decent teams in the challenger series. With players like DanDy, Freeze, MadLife, SELFIE, and GBM there will be a lot of competition. I think it’s too early to judge who’s going to be the biggest competition. If this team was in the NA LCS, where do you think it would finish the season? On our way to worlds after 3-0ing TSM. What about the EU LCS? Do you guys have positions figured out yet? Same for EU LCS, wouldn’t have to try as hard though. Who is playing what? Sorry we can’t release our secret strats. You may see one mid, 1 top and 3 mid laners that do jungle and roam together, we’re going to create a new meta. Have you guys scrimmed as five players yet? We have not scrimmed yet but we have a lot of experience playing League of Legends. I’ve duo’d with each of my teammates many times. How has that gone? Great. You had a stint in Heroes of the Storm recently and even played for one of their competitive teams for one of their games. Did that rekindle your drive to compete, or had that process started earlier? It probably helped a little. But I’ve always had the competitive drive in me. Would you consider a return to the LCS after playing this split in Challenger? No I wouldn’t want to go back to pro full-time, streaming is way better for me. What’s the best part about playing for Echo Fox? Being with my friends playing competitively and having the support of Rick Fox. I really enjoy the Echo Fox brand and I like the direction they are taking as a brand. I also really like Froggen and Keith, they are my favorite players outside of TSM to watch. Will this affect your streaming hours at all? This will affect my streaming hours but will still be streaming playing League as much as possible. Thanks for supporting me.

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