Echo Fox looking to recruit 4 players

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League of Legends and Echo Fox fans alike were stoked to see a Tweet from the team on Monday saying that they are currently recruiting four players to train with their main team.
Elie Deshe, Echo Fox’s CMO, spoke about what this recruitment would entail for the team and why they’re looking for extra players. “It’s really for a couple reasons. One is we really wanted to develop more of a practice squad as we don’t have one currently, so it’s to help situational practice for our main League of Legends team,” Deshe told theScore esports. “It’s just something you can’t do during scrims with other top level teams. It’s really just a matter of doing things that we can’t do on our own. “We need to have more players in our environment to be a stronger team.” Deshe also discussed some of the perks of having a practice team, which include having those team members adjust their gameplay to imitate an opposing team’s style as it would help prepare the main roster for their upcoming matches. “You need them to situationally do things, maybe be able to mimic TSM’s style of play or another team as we prepare each week,” he said. “I think the biggest thing that they need is flexibility and adaptability, that they can sort of assume the roles and styles of other teams and other players. We’re doing this to help our guys, to give them better preparedness as they get ready every week. ” When asked about whether these new players could potentially affect the main roster in the way of trades or replacements, Deshe stayed loyal to his main roster, but discussed the possibility of forming a Challenger Series team. “I think if the players were that good it would be about being a Challenger Series team,” he said. “That’s sort of always been on our road map, so there’s the potential for that.”

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