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Epsilon have secured a spot at DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer, held in Jönköping from June 18-21, by winning the first closed qualifier. The first closed qualifier for DreamHack’s traditional Summer event, this year featuring eight teams and giving out $100,000 in prizemoney, was played out yesterday. Eight teams, including teams such as Epsilon, ENCE, Gambit, PENTA and more, received direct invites for the closed qualifier, with the remainder determined via a best-of-one open qualifier which took place on Saturday. The 16 teams then played the best-of-three, single elimination closed qualifier. Epsilon made it to the grand final, defeating PENTA and Gambit in the previous stages. Arcade beat Space Soldiers, Binary Dragons and AGG in close matches on their way to the grand final on the other side of the bracket. After a three-map thriller, with each map going to at least 12 rounds, Epsilon came out victorious and secured a place at DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer. The current team list for the $100,000 event looks as follows:
NiP Astralis Tempo Storm GODSENT
Epsilon Qualifier #2 Invite Invite
The second qualifying round is set to be played over the next weekend, from June 4-5.   [Source: hltv]

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