ESL Cologne qualifier Day 2 Matches

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ESL have drawn the match-ups for the second day of the ESL One Cologne Offline qualifier. The first day of competition in Katowice, Poland is over, as eight teams picked up much-needed victories, while eight will have to fight back for a chance to advance. In the Swiss system, winners of day one matches will be facing each other on day two in randomly drawn match-ups, while the same applies for losers. shox’s G2 will be playing HellRaisers tomorrow ESL have just completed the draw, which sees the favourites G2 matched to HellRaisers, while the rest of the day will offer potentially exciting matches such as Cloud9 versus mousesports, TyLoo up against Immortals and more. The complete draw and tomorrow’s schedule looks as follows:
13:00 OpTicvs. Fluffy Gangsters
14:10 Splycevs. Renegades
15:20 TyLoovs. Immortals
16:30 dignitasvs. Empire
17:40 HellRaisersvs. G2
18:50 FaZevs. FlipSid3
20:00 Cloud9vs. mousesports
21:10 Gambitvs. EnVyUs

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