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1. LoL: LMS Spring team rosters announced 2. CSGO: Team Question Mark hires a new coach         1. LoL: LMS Spring team rosters announced Garena Taiwan has released the full rosters of all the teams participating in the 2016 LMS Spring Split! You can check out the full team list at: http://lms.garena.tw/team For your convenience, we have the team list written here as well! They are arranged according to role, from Top, Jungle, Mid, AD and Support. ahq e-Sports Club
  • Ziv
  • Mountain, RD
  • Chawy, Westdoor
  • AN
  • Albis
  • Ajun
  • Spear
  • jeffeRy, KuKu
  • Rabi2
  • Never
Flash Wolves
  • MMD, Rins
  • Karsa
  • Maple
  • NL, Breeze
  • SwordArT
Heat Wave
  • Poppy, Nexus
  • YO
  • Suwako (Formerly zHou)
  • LBB
  • Suki
HongKong eSports
  • Stanley, MapleSnow
  • Dinter
  • Chillyz
  • GodKwai
  • Olleh
  • Dabao (Formerly BoBo)
  • Taizan
  • Apex
  • Dee
  • Dreamer
Midnight Sun
  • Julian
  • Wulala
  • M1ssion
  • CorGi, Payne
  • Kaiwing, Skull
Taipei Assassins
  • Morning
  • Achie, FoFo
  • Bebe, V
  • Jay
      2. CSGO: Team Question Mark hires a new coach Team Question Mark has announced that former Team Dignitas coach Danny “zonic” Sørensen will be the new head coach of the team. zonic coached Dignitas between July and December 2015. He was a player for mTw following this coaching job, before leaving the team to coach Team Question Mark. zonic was a former professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player, who notably played for mTw and mouseports before retiring in 2012. [Source]  

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