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1. HoTS: SK Gaming disbands 2. HoTS: COGnitive roster changes         1. HoTS: SK Gaming disbands SK Gaming has announced that they have dropped their Heroes of the Storm roster. According to Austin “Shot” Lonsert who was their ranged carry/flex player, the team faced several difficulties during Heroes Rising and their clashing personalities did not enable the roster to work out to their best potential. Based on several sources, the players will be splitting up and attempt to form their own teams. [Source]         2. HoTS: COGnitive roster changes COGnitive manager Dylan “Dylux” Walker has confirmed that they will be dropping Donald “Scylol” Dobbin and Forrest “Syracuse” Holland from their Heroes roster. The changes were made as a part of a major overhaul of the roster, and the team will attempt to rebuild around their three remaining players. [Source]

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