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1. LoL: EU LCS Week 1 Day 2 updates 2. LoL: 2016 LJL League         1. LoL: EU LCS Week 1 Day 2 updates lcseu The second day of the EU LCS was one of many surprises. There were 2 blockbuster matches that day, H2k vs Origen and Fnatic vs Vitality. Scroll down to see all the results! Results:
Giants L : W Unicorns of Love Splyce L : W Elements Vitality W : L Fnatic H2k W : L Origen G2 W : L Roccat  
        2. LoL: 2016 LJL League The League of Legends Japanese League for 2016 will be starting soon! Top teams all around Japan will compete for the chance to represent Japan in future Wildcard and International events! Here is the format for the LJL:
  • Each team plays 10 Bo3s (Previously 10 Bo1s)
  • One Bo3 per day
  • Broadcast at 7:00 PM JST on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Opening day will feature three Bo3s on the same day
  • #2 and #3 in the rankings play in the semifinal, and the winner plays #1 in the Finals
  • Champion will qualify for the mid-season Wild Card tournament
To find out more, check out the wiki page here!      

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