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1. LoL: LCK Score Updates 2. LoL: LPL Score Updates         1. LoL: LCK Score Updates KOO_Tigers Yesterday’s LCK matchup featured two of the most hyped teams in Korea at the moment. On one side, it was the Korean All Star team in Longzhu, and their opponents were Worlds Semi finalists, Rox Tigers who have been looking unstoppable after a recent roster change in the jungle position.  Meanwhile, the second match of the day was a bottom of the table clash between Sbenu and e-mFire. Who do you think won? Check out the scores below!   Results:
Longzhu 0 – 2 Rox Tigers SBENU 1 – 2 e-mFire          
2. LoL: LPL Score Updates LPL_Summer There was a huge upset in the LPL games held today as LGD continued their free fall with a loss against World Elite. Meanwhile, Qiao Gu maintained their superb form with a victory over M3. Check out the exact results below! Results:
Qiao GU 2 – 0 M3 World Elite 2 – 0 LGD

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