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1. LoL: King of SEA Day 2 results 2. LoL: League Championship Korea Day 1         1. LoL: King of SEA Day 2 results   King of SEA is a training ground for teams that have reached the top and are in need of higher levels of competition to continue improving. The top 2 teams from each Garena region will be taking turns to represent their country in the match rotations. So far, only two matches have been completed, and Boba Marines is the team sitting at the top! Results: Boba Marines 3 – 2 Bangkok Titans Boba Marines 3 – 0 Kuala Lumpur Hunters         2. LoL: League Championship Korea Day 1 Champions Korea started with a blockbuster match of SKT T1 against a reformed CJ Entus. CJ Entus started the game with Madlife leading four new members, while SKT showcased their new top laner, Duke. However, CJ Entus were no match for the reigning World Champions, and rolled over in Game 1 of the series. Game 2 was slightly more competitive, with SKT falling 4k gold behind, but CJ was never able to capitalize and ended their day in a defeat. In the second match of the day, KT Rolster steamrolled Afreeca Freecs, ending each game before the 40 minute mark. This is a worrying trend for the former Rebels Anarchy roster, and they would definitely need to buck up to qualify for the playoffs.    

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