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1. LoL: LPL Week 1 Day 1 2. LoL: LCK Week 1 Day 2 3. LoL: LMS Week 1 Day 1         1. LoL: LPL Week 1 Day 1LPL_Summer The opening day of the LPL started with MSI Champions, Edward Gaming playing against Royal Never Give Up. Edward Gaming entered the match with two substitutes in FireLoli and Athena, however it was a bad debut for them as Fireloli had a horrible day out, affecting his entire’s team performance. Even though they tried to sub in Pawn in the 2nd game, it was to no avail and RNG crushed EDG without batting an eyelid. In the second match of the day, OMG faced off against Vici Gaming. It was a new look OMG, as they started with Cool & 4 new players. Vici Gaming on the other hand, debuted Easyhoon, who completely crushed OMG with his impressive Ryze and Lissandra plays. His impressive synergy with Dandy is definitely one to look out for!         2. LoL: LCK Week 1 Day 2LCK The 2nd day of LCK started with Longzhu against Jin Air, which LZ won 2-0 convincingly. You can check our previous reports here! The last match of the day featured Samsung against e-mFire. It turned out to be a horrible day for e-mFire as the rookie roster threw their leads constantly against Samsung, and fell 2-0 in their opening game.         3. LoL: LMS Week 1 Day 1 LMS The match of the day for the LMS featured the top two Taiwanese teams, AHQ & Flash Wolves, who were quarter finalists in the 2015 World Championships. With both teams using their newly signed players, it was an interesting and entertaining match with AHQ Chawy making a victorious debut, playing Lux against FW Maple’s Ezreal. In the second game, Westdoor was substituted in and enabled AHQ to make a comeback against Flash Wolves with their teamfight composition. The second match of the day featured Hong Kong Esports playing against the  newly promoted Cougar Esports, which ended with a successful 2-0 victory for HKES and their new roster.    

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