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1. LoL: SKT T1 vs Jin Air Green Wings 2. LoL: Samsung vs Afreeca Freecs         1. LoL: SKT T1 vs Jin Air Green Wings JinAir The second game of the day featured World Champions, SKT T1 playing against a newly reformed Jin Air roster. SKT decided to start Blanks and Scout, two of their substitute players, for the first game, and proceeded to be thoroughly demolished by the more experienced Jin Air squad. For the second game, Faker and Bengi stepped back into the starting lineup, but to no avail as Jin Air became the first team to defeat SKT T1 in a series after SKT won the 2015 Summer LCK Finals.           2. LoL: Samsung vs Afreeca Freecs The other game of the day pitted Samsung against Afreeca Freecs. The series was pretty close, but stronger shotcalling and mechanical play by Samsung allowed them to close out the series 2-0. Afreeca Freecs will be looking for their first win of the season. If they do not improve, it is unlikely they will be able to get one.

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