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1. LoL: Hai, Dardoch and Matt to start for Day 2 of NA LCS 2. LoL: LPL Spring Week 1 Day 4         1. LoL: Cloud9 and Team Liquid starting lineup changes C9_Hai According to various sources, both Cloud9 and Team Liquid will be starting with different rosters for the second day of the NA LCS. Hai will be replacing BunnyFuFu while Dardoch and Matt will be replacing IWillDominate and Smoothie respectively. Both teams ended Day one with a loss, and will be looking to bounce back in the second day of matches.         2. LoL: LPL Spring Week 1 Day 4 LPL_LGD_EDG_IG The fourth day of the LPL has ended with victories for the underdog teams. Two out of three lower rated teams managed to grab a victory off their more illustrious opponents, and are looking forward to get more momentum as the season ramps up. Results:
LGD 1 – 2 Snake QG 2 – 0 WE M3 0 – 2 EPA

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