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There’s been a lot going on in the off-season for the EULCS, so here’s a quick summary of the roster swaps that have happened and players to keep an eye on.

20196502414_c3d1c84d8d_oG2 – Probably the most notable of the moves thus far: Emperor and Hybrid are out, Zven and Mithy are in.

The ex-Origen botlane were the stars of their former squad and they join Croatian-prodigy Perkz and Jungle MVP Trick, with Kikis rounding out the toplane.

Despite their lackluster performance at MSI, G2 have said themselves that vacation is over.

On the move, Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen said:

“I am really happy with how my last 1½ year went. I spent it with some people that not only were good players, they were also nice guys that I thrived well with and I had an amazing experience overall but for me, it’s time to move on. “

OG – Replacing their now-missing botlane are FORG1VENGRE and Hybrid.

The team had an up-and-down Spring Split but hopefully G2’s Hybrid can synergise well with Forgiven, who is famed for his marvellous mechanical play but reputed for being difficult to work with.

Toplaner Paul ‘SoAz’ Boyer said: “I have nothing but respect for Forgiven, he has been trying harder than anyone else since he started competitive league to prove himself on a international stage.

“I will always put teammates needs before mine and care for them, so hopefully this will be the right team for forgiven and we can achieve great things.”

FNC – The Legend Returns

iFnatic fans everywhere rejoice as team legend and superstar support Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim rejoins the team. He replaces Klaj, who will move to the Challenger squad and substitute role. Joining Klaj as substitute is former-Giants Gaming toplaner Werlyb.

Werlyb, known particularly for his Jax, could make an interesting change to Gamsu, who fluctuated between highs and lows last split.

But Yellowstar should bring balance back into a team that seemed to have lost direction – taking over shotcalling and in-game decision making duties.

H2K – Freeze in the Botlane

Czech star Freeze comes back from his stint in NA to join Vander in the Botlane for H2k this split. Tensions between Vander and previous ADC Forgiven have been made somewhat public this week, and fans can hope that Freeze, who is praised for his consistent, high quality play, will live up to his reputation.

VIT – Police and Mightybear added to the roster

Former-Ever Gaming ADC Hyeong-gi ‘Police’ Park and rookie jungler Kim “Mightybear” Min-soo join the Vitality squad’s starting lineup this Summer, as rumours that Shook and Hjarnan have left the club circulate, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

UOL – Move, Exileh, and Veritas join the team.

Junglers Diamondprox and Loulex, midlaner Fox, and ADC Steelback have all left UOL. Gravity’s Move has been brought to the jungle while relatively unknown Exileh and Veritas come in for mid and bot respectively.

Exileh had previously played for NiP and SK Prime, but has been out of the pro scene since 2014.

SPL – Mikyx replaces Nisbeth

Not much to say here. Mikyx was previously on the Fnatic but played 0 games.

S04 – Elements with a twist

The new Schalke04 squad has taken the old lineup of Elements and replaced Eika with Fox.

ROC – Steelback replaces Tabzz

Steelback really stood out on UOL last split, and joins rookie Korean imports Parang and Raise, who played together on Star Dust in the new Roccat lineup.

GIA – A New Face

Adryh, betongjocke, Atom, Wisdom, and xPepii have all left the squad. Dignitas’ SmittJ comes to the toplane, Inspire Esports’ Maxlore plays Jungle, rookie import Night starts midlane, and Incredible Miracle’s S0NSTAR joins Hustlin in the botlane.

Giants this split are all about establishing themselves as a team and re-identifying their playstyle and skill ceiling.

[Source: Esportscenter]

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