Exileh on UOL’s Group B lead: ‘I think we can keep it for sure if we just keep up our game and just keep improving’

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[hkes_show_google_ad] With their 2-1 victory over H2k-Gaming in Week 2 of the 2017 EU LCS spring season, Unicorns of Love’s Fabian “Exileh” Schubert told Sport1 that his team is well-poised to continue their domination over Group B. “I think we can keep it for sure if we just keep up our game and just keep improving,” Exileh said of UoL’s current 3-0 record. “The biggest threat for us was really H2K, because we didn’t scrim them at all, so we didn’t know how good they were.” However, despite the Unicorns’ win at IEM Oakland in November and taking fourth place in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split Playoffs, Exileh said the team still doesn’t get enough credit as a roster to be reckoned with. “I think right now a lot of people underestimate us, but in terms of macro I think we are the second strongest team behind [G2],” he said. “And I don’t know why people underestimate us, because I think we’ve proved that we are a good team, like at IEM and towards the last split, like the end of it.” Exileh also told Sport1 about playing with UOL’s newest members, AD carry Samuel “Samux” Fernández and jungler Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir, saying that they’re improving rapidly and that Xerxe could very well be on his to becoming EU’s top jungler. “I think in terms of mechanics, they are better than the old players, in terms of macro they weren’t at the start, but now they improved so much and I think they both are top-tier players in the world for sure,” Exileh said. “Like they are doing an insanely good job in improving if you look at it and they didn’t reach the ceiling yet and I think they can still improve. And I think that Xerxe, like within a few weeks he’s gonna be the best jungler for sure in Europe.” [hkes_show_google_ad]

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