Faker giving newest teammate Untara a compliment?

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After SKT defeated MVP 2-0 in a LCK match on Wednesday. Both Faker and Untara joined OGN Casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo and Kim “Dangun” Ui-joong. When asked how Untara’s play style differs compared to starting top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, Faker praised Untara’s poker face. “Untara doesn’t say anything no matter how badly the lane is going,” he said, as the casters burst out into laughter. “For instance, when the enemy jungler comes to his lane and pushes, all he says is ‘getting pushed top.’ (His attitude) helps the team stay stable.” During Game 1, Huni had a very hard time, as MVP had sent a top lane Cassiopeia to keep him down, with Huni ending the game with zero kills nor assists and three deaths.Faker said Huni was groaning during the game, indicative of Huni’s frustration even in victory. Untara was substituted in, in Game 2, performing well as Fiora against MVP’s Jarvan IV and contributing a huge part in SKT’s win. The casters also asked Faker’s thoughts regarding SKT’s world championship skins, especially with the recall animations recently being revealed. Faker seemed happy with how his Syndra skin looks but also a little unsure about the recall animation.

“I think the skins are really cool so I’m satisfied with how they look,” he said with a smile. “For the recall animation, when they took the video I thought my recall would look cool, but when it actually came out — maybe it’s because the character model is small, you couldn’t really see it. I think maybe I should have gone in a different direction. It would have been better if I came up with a cooler idea.”

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