Faker lists his Top 3 LCK mid laners (besides himself)

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Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok gave his opinion about the LCK mid laners, and his opinion was somewhat expected. Faker was asked in a video interview with Daily eSports who he thinks are the three strongest mid laners in the LCK. After some thought, Faker pointed out the mid laner of Heo “Pawn” Won-seok, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong and Lee “Crown” Min-ho. Faker didn’t elaborate on the reasoning for his choices, but the mid laner pool is definitely deep. KT’s Pawn has been a divisive figure, as he was often thrown under the bus during the spring split as the reason why KT struggled more than the fans expected. Previously hyped up as one of the few mid laners who could give Faker a run for his money, he fell below the mark but has improved greatly so far in the summer split. Bdd is a rising star in the mid lane after seeing no play with Longzhu Gaming during the LCK spring split. Bdd has now, the highest KDA among all Korean mid laners, and he’s credited with being one of the driving forces behind the “new and improved” Longzhu roster this summer. Crown has been the stalwart mid laner for Samsung Galaxy and was part of the team’s second place finish at lats year’s League of Legends World Championship. A quiet hard worker rather than a flashy player/interviewer, Crown has quietly been a huge part of Samsung’s success in the summer split while the team fights for first place with SK Telecom T1, which is Faker’s team and the reigning LCK and world champions. When asked what the LCK meant to Faker, he shared a thought many League fans would agree with. “I think LCK is the best league,” he said. “I think the matches between the teams are very high quality, and it’s a league I am proud to be a part of.” Faker, who continues his status as the undisputed best League of Legends player in Korea and the world, was asked what his secret was. In true Faker interview tradition, he gave the best piece of Korean advice anyone could ask for. “I think continuous research and improvement is very important,” he said.

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