FATA-, 343, Forev, two others form new team ahead of Kiev Major

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Former Team Liquid mid Adrian “FATA-” Trinks has joined forces with Adam “343” Shah, Lee “Forev” Sang-don, Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat and newcomer Feras “Feero” Hroob to create a new team ahead of the upcoming Kiev Major. The unnamed team, which currently has no organization backing it, began to form after 343, who last played for Execration, and FATA- began to talk before The Boston Major. “Me and FATA- started talking sometimes before Boston started, probably around a month or two, and then YapzOr came into the picture as well and we went on from there,” 343 said. “Feero was a friend of Yapzor who we were interested in. We approached Forev the last but decided on him pretty quickly. “They are both very skilled and willing-to-learn players. It took us a while to make the final decision but here we are.” FATA- has not played for a team since September, when he left Liquid to take a break from Dota 2, but promised to return once he regained his competitive spirit. On Liquid, FATA- placed second at both the Shanghai and Manila Major’s, and ultimately placed 7th-8th at The International 2016. Outside of Valve events, the talented mid laner won EPICENTER, 343 is best known for his time on Fnatic, whom he left in August after originally joining the team in March. As a support, 343 proved to be one of the SEA’s strongest players, helping them climb from a respectable Top 6 finish at The Manila Major to a strong fourth place finish at TI6. Most recently, he joined Execration as a substitute in November, but missed out on competing at The Boston Major due to the team’s visa issues. Forev is widely known as an offlaner for MVP Phoenix and MVP HOT6ix, the former of which he competed with at every Valve event in 2016, reaching fourth place at The Shanghai Major and 5th-6th at both The Manila Major and TI6. He briefly joined Team Secret after his contract expired with MVP Phoenix following TI, but left the team after they failed to qualify for The Boston Major. YapzOr has played for several teams throughout his career, but has seen the most success as a member of Escape Gaming, whom he joined in June, placing 13th-16th at TI6. Feero is the least known member of the team, having played for Boreal eSports and Perky Pepperonis in the past. While they still don’t have a name for their team, 343 and co. have until Jan. 9 to decide what to call themselves.

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