Flash Wolves jungler Karsa is indefinitely suspended for intentional disconnect

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The Flash Wolves, a Taiwanese League team, has suspended Hung “Karsa” Hau-Hsuan for intentionally disconnecting from a game before the match concluded. On June 12th, the organization wrote a post explaining the decision to indefinitely suspend Karsa on its official team website. This disciplinary action had been decided after an internal review of the player’s conduct. In Game 2 against Raise Gaming on June 11th, Karsa quit the game before the Nexus was destroyed. The Flash Wolves consider his actions to have “violated competition rules and sportsmanship.” J Team’s Chen “Refra1n” Kuan-Ting will fill Karsa’s spot. Having played on the Flash Wolves for about 2 years previously, Refra1n has signed on the terms that he will return to J Team after Karsa’s suspension period ends.

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