Fnatic cruise past Vitality in the EU LCS Quarter Finals

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LoL: Fnatic triumph in the EU LCS FnaticReserve Fnatic is heading to the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split Semifinals after their 3-1 victory over Team Vitality. The first game went slowly, with both teams playing safe and farming until the 30-minute mark, when they finally met for a teamfight that netted Fnatic their second kill of the game. Following that, Fnatic finished Vitality with a clean ace, pushed into their base and closed out the game. Fnatic put on a similarly dominant performance in the second game. While Vitality picked up five kills, Fnatic completely shut them out of every objective. Vitality lost with a 16k gold deficit and without taking a single tower or dragon. Vitality brought things back in the third game, finishing 14-2 to keep their playoffs dreams alive, but dreams can’t last forever. Thanks to some help from Rekkles’ Jhinn and a few early-game dragons, Fnatic was able to swing the game back in their favor after Vitality got off to a strong start. After shredding through Vitality in a pivotal teamfight near the baron pit, Fnatic secured their win and reinforced the lesson they’d been teaching since the first game: you can’t stop legacy. Fnatic will be making their seventh straight EU LCS Playoffs semifinals appearance on April 10, when they face off against G2 Esports for a shot at the Grand Finals.   [Source: TheScore]

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