Fnatic reach ECS Semi Finals

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fnatic have booked their spot in the semi-final stage of the ECS Season 1 Finals after beating TSM 16-14 on Cobblestone. The last match of the day at the SSE Arena, in London, featured a TSM team riding the wave after defeating Astralis early on against fnatic, who had struggled to close out the match against Cloud9. A trio of kills from Hunter “SicK” Mims during the pistol round as Terrorists saw TSM take an early lead. After giving up both eco rounds, fnatic replied in the first buy attempt thanks to a triple kill from Dennis “dennis” Edman near the A alley. However, TSM rallied back right after and stormed to a 7-2 lead as they kept punishing fnatic every time that a round went their way. The Swedes ended up tightening their defense during the final stages of the half to reduce the gap to just three rounds before switching to the CT side. dennis powered fnatic to turn the match around Things went from bad to worse for fnatic as TSM won the first three rounds on the CT side to increase their lead to 12-6. After buying up, the Swedish team turned the game on its head as they strung seven rounds together to secure a lead for the first time in the match. With no room for error, TSM won the next two rounds to regain the lead in the match. But they still struggled for cash, so when fnatic restored parity on 14 rounds, the Canadian side were helpless to prevent their opponents from locking down the map.   [Source: hltv]

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