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Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou announced that he will be taking a “break from competitive league for [an] indefinite amount of time” in a Facebook post Tuesday.
FORG1VEN’s team, Origen, announced Tuesday that the Greek player would be removed from their starting roster and replaced with Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño. He says that joined OG with the intention of qualifying for Worlds “instead of taking the easy way out and skipping entire summer split (which ultimately happened but it was worth trying).” He also said that he came to the realization that he was unable to keep up playing League of Legends competitively after OG’s Week 1 performance in the 2016 Summer Split and him playing more Overwatch than League. “After numerous talks we had [I] thought something needed to be changed and so [I] took the decision to take an indefinite break from League, since [I] was playing more Overwatch than the game [I] was being payed to play (combination of not having fun anymore to play the game for at least one and a half year and being introduced to another,” he said. FORG1VEN acknowledged that his departure from OG’s active roster and competitive play would leave a “negative vibe for the future.” He laments that despite giving everything he had the past few years as a pro, the results were not what he hoped for. “All [I] got back was some individual achievements in the past (just saying that having best ‘KDA’ doesn’t mean shit for me) and disappointing playoff runs/IEM results along with multiple organizations not being able to treat their teams decently (excluding H2K, cant judge OG since [I] was for short time there),” he wrote He says the decision to step down from active competition was to benefit OG in the short-term, as opposed to later or after the Summer Split. “They will have more chances of qualifying for Worlds with a younger player that [are] hungry to play and do stuff than someone who hasn’t mentally recovered from previous spring’s losses and lacks motivation.” In the meantime, he says he will start an internship in physiotherapy; he completed the course before he joined the EU LCS with Copenhagen Wolves in October 2013. OG is tied with Giants Gaming for ninth place in the EU LCS with two losses each, after being unable to find success in first week of the split. After four games in the split, he leaves with a 6.0 average KDA, and a 48 percent kill participation rate. In those four games, he played as Corki and Lucian.   [Source: TheScore Esports]

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