G2 Mithy: ‘Aside from G2, Fnatic has the best chances of winning the split’

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Interview from Patchalert with Mithy When talking about the European LCS, almost everyone thinks about G2, the team that dominates not only the European scene but can also put in difficult position strong and well-known teams such as SKT T1, a team that has won 3 world championships.
 Facing Mysterious Monkeys soon, G2 is positioned in the third place followed by Roccat, with 2 wins and 3 losses. They will be facing Mysterious Monkeys in the first of July, but they shouldn’t face a hard time against them.
We have contacted Mithy and asked him some quick questions regarding his team positioning and the future of G2 at worlds.
How do you feel about this split? Which teams are strong in your opinion and why? I think Unicorns of Love and Fnatic are the strong teams in each group right now. Both teams prepared in Korea before the split and have very clear playstyles that they practice well. Do you think that you will be able to get to the first spot of your group?  It will be tougher for us given the slow start to the split, but if other teams in our group drop games then it’s very possible.
 In your opinion, which team has the highest probability of winning the split, and why? Aside from G2, FNC has the best chances of winning the split. They play a very fast game that is very punishing, and we’ve already seen them blow some teams away.
Do you think that you will have a great performance at Worlds as a team?  I think we will have a good performance now that we have improved our teamwork and have worked on the mistakes we made last year.
In your opinion, which champion would be considered as the dominator of the meta at the moment, and why? Zac definitely comes to mind first as he is almost permanently banned. He has very strong ganks from long distances which makes it very difficult to play static champions.

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