G2 wins ECS Season 1

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G2 Esports have won the first season of the Esports Championship Series (ECS) after defeating Luminosity Gaming 2-0 (16-11 on Dust2 and 16-5 on Overpass) The series kicked off on Dust2, which saw Luminosity get first blood as they punished G2 for losing two men early on after pushing the B tunnel. G2 then pulled back on a force buy, with the following two rounds also going their way despite some serious damage done to their economy in force buys from Luminosity. Fernando “fer” Alvarenga then went huge and turned a 2vs4 situation around with three crucial kills, but once again the Brazilians failed to build on that win. It was a frantic period of the game as neither side were able to stamp their authority and ecos were won back and forth, with G2 taking a narrow 8-7 lead in the end. The second half began with G2 winning the pistol round with a B push, but then Luminosity mirrored the Frenchmen as they hit back in the following eco. That win turned into a streak that eventually saw Luminosity secure a 10-9 lead and get a solid amount of cash in the bank. After getting their economy stabilised, G2 punished Luminosity’s over-aggression, with Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom picking up three kills. Powered by a fantastic display from rookie Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro, the Frenchmen brought the scoreline to a 13-10 advantage, forcing the Brazilians to call a timeout. bodyy and ScreaM led the charge on Dust2 Luminosity were able to get a round on the board after the tactical pause, but G2 refused to take their foot off the gas, winning the next three rounds to secure a 16-11 win and take the lead in the series. Map two was Overpass, where G2 came out of the gate eager to impose their will and cruised to a 7-0 lead as they bulldozed through the Brazilians’ defense with incredible precision. Luminosity then found a lifeline as they strung three rounds together, but G2 quickly regained control of proceedings and restored a seven-round lead. Lincoln “fnx” Lau breathed some life into his team with a quad kill, but they were unable to capitalise on that as G2 closed out the half with a commanding 11-4 lead. Richard “shox” Papillon piled more pressure on Luminosity with a spectacular quad kill with the USP-S in the pistol round as CT. Everything was going G2’s way, and the Frenchmen would soon hit 16 rounds, keeping the Brazilians, who are poised to join SK, from leaving the North American organisation with another title.   [Source: hltv]

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