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Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo’s Games Academy is set to expand its content to an international audience starting with video lessons on how to play maps competitively as well as with the introduction of other plans down the pipeline. Games Academy has announced this morning through its facebook page that it will be growing its content production, which had been focused on a Portuguese speaking audience thus far, and will now also cater to a worldwide audience with content in English being translated into other languages via closed captioning. FalleN’s Games Academy has already boosted Brazil’s local scene When enquired about the project, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo gave us a rundown of the past, present, and future of Games Academy:
“It is a dream to change the course of the project and reach out to more and more people. I have been creating content about CS since 2011. People who will follow these videos daily will improve their game much faster. The other part of our project is still only available in South America, where we host several amateur tournaments on different levels, support the creation of teams, organize teamspeak meetings for group classes, etc. Soon, we will be able to provide that service in other places as well. All this structure has made it possible for CS to grow in Brazil, and we are sure it will help to reveal many talented players in other countries.”
The first map being broken down by Games Academy is Mirage, with 5 new videos being released weekly on The first two videos, which have already been released, can also be found on Games Academy’s YouTube channel in the “Season 01 – Mirage” playlist, here.
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