Giants claim Upset broke ‘deal over his signing’

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Giants Gaming have claimed that AD carry player Elias “Upset” Lipp broke a “deal over his signing” with the organisation. “This is an official statement to announce that Elias “Upset” Lipp, has decided to break up singlehandedly and without prior motive or justification the deal over his signing with our organization,” Giants wrote in a Facebook post. “This decision has deeply disappointed both the organization and the players he was going to work with. After these events, the board will study the situation and will take appropriate measures.” Upset played with Giants at IEM Gyeonggi, where the team placed 5th-6th. Giants announced that they had acquired Upset earlier this month, though their original announcement did not explicitly state whether or not they had signed him. Upset previously played for Melty eSport Club at DreamHack Valencia and for Nerv in the the 2016 EU Challenger Series.

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