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CSGO: HellRaisers win ESEA Premier HellRaisers defeated PENTA 2-0 (Inferno 22-20, Overpass 16-10) to win ESEA Premier Season 21 Finals and secure a place in Season 4 of the ESL Pro League. Here is a recap of the $20,000 tournament which took place in Leicester throughout the day. The only day of competition in Leicester started out with MK taking on HellRaisers, who had to field Richard “queztone” Strnátko as a stand-in due to ESEA’s roster locks, in the first semi-final. Tournament favourites HellRaisers started out by winning Cache comfortably after a dominant 14-1 Counter-Terrorist side. Cobblestone followed and the Bulgarians fought back with Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov hitting a 100 ADR to make it 1-1. On Mirage both teams provided nine-round CT sides and thus the match was decided in overtime, which HellRaisers was quick to come out of with four rounds to nil at 19-15. PENTA then played their LAN debut with Christian “loWel” Garcia Antoran against the all-Finnish roster of ENCE, starting on Cache and Cobble once again. After 10 rounds as CT on map one, PENTA switched over and quickly finished it at 16-6. Cobblestone was a much closer affair, but despite the Finns getting a solid 11 rounds as Terrorists, they couldn’t take it to map three as PENTA only allowed two rounds to slip away from there on and advanced to the grand final at 16-13. The grand final’s first map was chosen to be Inferno, where PENTA managed to take the first side with a 9-6 lead as CT despite starting out being at a 1-5 deficit. When they got four more rounds off the back of a pistol round victory and a one-sided gunround, HellRaisers began mounting a comeback. PENTA could still slip through two more rounds for an overtime. Despite Martin “STYKO” Styk getting nine kills on the CT side of the first overtime, HellRaisers were unable to close it out, but managed to do it in the second overtime at 22-20. Map two couldn’t get off to a better start for Kirill “ANGE1” Karasiow’s squad, as they got to an 8-0 lead before PENTA found a way through the defence. However, that was all the German-based side could do – at 14-1 it was only a matter of time before HR took two on their T side. That took much longer than expected, as PENTA held on, but HellRaisers eventually took the victory at 16-10 on Overpass.

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