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Korea’s MVP Black and China’s eStar Gaming will advance to the single-elimination playoff bracket at the Summer Global Championship at DreamHack Summer, while Please Buff Arthas and Team Naventic have been eliminated. The Winner’s Match between MVP Black and eStar may have had an anticlimactic conclusion, but it’s not an exaggeration to call the clash between these two titans the most thrilling set of the tournament so far. eStar bet everything on a heavy dive comp with a solo Tyrael in Game 1 on Sky Temple, but MVP was able to outlast the aggression. A particularly hard-fought fight in bottom lane showcased teamfighting at the highest echelon of competition, with eStar baiting MVP into an engagement and narrowly taking it, as three members of MVP limped away. Game 2 on Cursed Hollow saw eStar lean on Tychus, Falstad and E.T.C. Li “NccCc” Tuo’s E.T.C. was terrifying, with multiple huge Mosh Pits that either secured vital kills or single-handedly won teamfights. With Brightwing/Tassadar as their support, MVP Black weren’t able to fend off the Chinese aggression. If fans were hoping for a close final game, though, they were disappointed. Picking second, eStar chose Tychus and Rehgar, eventually working their way into a Stitches composition that fell completely flat on Battlefield of Eternity. With MVP through the group, it was then on eStar to defeat Team Naventic in the decider. Against Taiwanese competitors Please Buff Arthas in their opening series, eStar had a Game 1 that was far closer than anticipated, but a very decisive Game 2. Naventic reached the decider with a loss against MVP Black and a win against PBA. Their first series of the day against MVP was a hard start — they tried a very strange Tyrande/Malfurion composition in Game 1 on Tomb of the Spider Queen, with Stafford “McIntyre” McIntyre playing the Archdruid, but it never worked out. Game 2 on Infernal Shrines featured a more standard draft from NVT, but they were still not able to win fights decisively, even losing a 5v4 fight at one of the Shrines around the 10:30 mark. NVT was able to defeat PBA handily, however, even giving McIntyre a throwback game on his famous Kerrigan in Game 2 on Sky Temple. After the win, Naventic’s Sammuel “bigempct” Hua offered this prediction for the match against eStar during the post-game interview. “If we don’t go insane in draft, we’ll be good,” he said. The Game 1 draft against eStar on Battlefield of Eternity, if not insane, saw their draft stray a bit off the beaten path with a Lt. Morales last-picked against eStar’s Greymane-focused composition. Tyrael and Uther were both able to keep the Worgen alive against Naventic’s onslaught, and eStar took Game 1. Game 2 on Infernal Shrines saw Naventic out-rotated in the early game, and they were never able to keep pace. A final fight at the top-lane keep saw NVT engage just as eStar earned the Level 16 talent tier advantage.

Not exactly a lazy Sunday

Sunday will see the teams of Group B decide who will move on to the playoff bracket. There are arguably even more unknowns in this group, so be sure to check out our preview of the group before the strongest teams from Europe, the West’s final remaining hopes, try to fight their way further into the competition.   [Source: TheScore]

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