Huni on Lucian pick: “I can use it a lot more (with permission) this time.”

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Heo “Huni” Seung-Hoon’s recent top lane Lucian pick came after a long time of preparation. Huni made the pick in SK Telecom T1’s 2-0 win Sunday against the bbq Olivers for its first victory of the split. The pick, first made infamous during his time as a member of North American team Immortals in 2016’s spring split semifinals, was the most talked about aspect of the match. In a video interview with Fomos, Huni said he feels he can finally use the top Lucian pick legitimately, and that it feels good to prove that the pick that defines his career is actually pretty good. “Top Lucian is a very special pick to me, and I use it sometimes during solo queue, but now I can use it a lot more (with permission) this time,” he said. “It came about because I pushed the idea that Lucian is a good counter to Kennen. We practiced it a lot during scrims, and even during MSI. Unfortunately all the teams banned Kennen so I didn’t get a chance to pull it out. I just played like I always did. I feel really good because I think I proved that top Lucian is not a bad pick.” With top/AD Kennen becoming a favored strategy in the current meta, his strength lies in his fast lane push against slower and tankier top laners that comprises half of the champion pool. With a champion like Lucian, who can counteract Kennen’s split push threat while also having a stronger lane, Huni said it effectively neutralizes Kennen as a threat. Huni also spoke at length about SKT’s tough schedule when asked about their first loss against Samsung Galaxy. Although Huni was hesitant in blaming the loss on the schedule alone, he said it was undeniable how tough it has been for the players. “I think it’ll be good to talk about that after we win, but I don’t quite know what’s the reason we lost, and it might sound like an excuse but it was a brutal schedule where we had to play a week after we came back,” he said. “The team didn’t have knowledge of the patch, which includes the new Rift Herald and tanking items. It was disappointing because we didn’t get to practice much before our match against Samsung, but skill-wise I don’t think we’ll fall behind. So I feel like I can talk about this more in detail after we lift the summer split championship cup.”

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