Immortals takes first place in NA LCS

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With a win over Team Dignitas, Immortals are now in control of first place in the North American LCS.

In order to get to the top, Immortals had to take down CLG the day before, to then finally face the on-form Team Dignitas. In Game One, things did not look good for Immortals as Team Dignitas executed their pick composition beautifully, finding countless kills from their drafted Ashe and Zac picks. Taking the Baron after, Team Dignitas ended the game with a win. In Game 2, looking to bring over the momentum, Dignitas went for  an early dive on the turret, but IMT’s top laner “Flame” denied fate and managed to outsmart his opponents to escape alive and get first blood. From this, IMT started building up pressure, and quickly accumulated a huge lead from a few failed forced fights by Dignitas, eventually defeating Dignitas with ease. In Game 3, IMT started focusing on the top lane, to support “Flame”, and surely, it worked. By seven minutes, IMT were up five kills and Dignitas, being unable to regain the lead, fell behind so hard, to the point where their base was cracked open at the 20th minute mark. Although Dignitas got a few kills back, it still wasn’t enought to stop IMT from ending the game. Now at the top of the standings with a record of 7-1, IMT will face TSM on July 1 to start the second half of the NA LCS.

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