INTZ e-Sports wins CBLOL title

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With their 3-1 victory over CNB e-Sports Club in the 2016 CBLoL Winter Finals, INTZ e-Sports are once again Brazil’s representative at the International Wildcard Qualifier. This makes INTZ a three-time CBLoL champion, as well as a four-time finalist. They’ve also represented the region for the last two years at the International Wildcard Invitational ahead of the Mid-Season Invitational. INTZ started off strong with a Game 1 win before a lopsided Game 2 loss, thanks to CNB Thiago “TinOwns” Sartori’s excellent Taliyah performance. INTZ relied on their own mid laner Gabriel “Tockers” Claumann and his phenomenal Azir play to bounce back in Game 3. By Game 4, INTZ seemed comfortably in the driver’s seat, and pressed CNB slowly into their own base off the back of jungler Gabriel “Revolta” Henud’s Rek’Sai and AD carry Micael “micaO” Rodrigues’ Ashe initiations. No stranger to representing Brazil, INTZ will now have a third chance at international victory at the 2016 International Wildcard Qualifier. The Top 2 teams from the tournament will represent the eight wildcard regions at the 2016 World Championship in October. At the 2015 IWCI, INTZ finished second, losing 3-1 to Turkey’s Beşiktaş e-Sports Club and failing to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational. This past IWCI, INTZ were swept in the semifinals by CIS team Hard Random, again failing to qualify for MSI.   [Source: TheScore]

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