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Invictus Gaming debuted a new roster in the League of Legends Pro League at the start of their opening match on Friday, July 8 against I May. ex-NaJin White Shield top laner, Baek “Save” Youngjin, having recently rejoined the roster, started as iG’s top laner in the match. Invictus Gaming’s Chinese top laner, Liu “Zz1tai” Zhihao, returned to the mid lane role, and star Korean mid laner, Song “Rookie” Euijin, moved to the AD position. Top: Baek “Save” Youngjin Jungle: Ge “Kid” Yan Mid: Liu “Zz1tai” Zhihao ADC: Song “Rookie” Euijin Support: Pak Kan “Tabe” Wong Since parting ways with Lee “KaKAO” Byungkwon, Invictus Gaming moved their AD carry, Ge “Kid” Yan, to the jungle position. Following the change, the team has tried four different players in their bottom lane, but both AD carry and support continue to be easy targets for their opposition. At the time of this major roster change, Invictus Gaming sits in fifth place of six teams in Group A. Save previously played mid lane early on in his career and has started as a mid laner in one game for Invictus Gaming in the famous “Oscar Night” between Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming in 2015 LPL Spring where it was speculated both teams had incentives to lose. Tabe played AD carry for Invictus Gaming in 2011 and 2012. Zz1tai started his career for Invictus Gaming as a mid laner and played a handful of games in which he role swapped to AD carry with Kid. As a result, every player on this team has now played at least two different positions for iG. As the LPL has very strict transfer periods and a history of frequent role swaps in the early stages of League of Legends, role swaps are still common in the league with mixed results. It is not clear whether this roster change is permanent or experimental as Invictus Gaming continue to look for a solution.

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