Jin Air Green Wings competitive ruling

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The Jin Air Green Wings have been docked a point for a second violation of League Champions Korea’s summer split guidelines for intentionally disconnecting from the game early, writes Daily eSports’ Nam Yun-Seong. During the match against the ROX Tigers on Saturday, Riot Games Korea has discovered that Jin Air’s AD Carry Na “Pilot” Woo-Hyung  disconnected from the game before it concluded. Based on rule number 9.1.1 on unfair play, Jin Air had previously been warned for the same violation by top laner Yeo (TrAce) Chang-Dong. This is the second violation, which resulted in a one-point deduction. Teams are awarded two points for winning a best-of-three and one point for winning 2-1. They lose a point for losing 2-1 and lose two points for losing 2-0. The points are kept throughout the split and used for tiebreakers. Jin Air is in seventh place with a record of 5-7, a half game behind the Afreeca Freecs for sixth and a half game in front of ESC Ever for eighth. Jin Air will resume LCK play against KT Rolster on Friday.   [Source: slingshotesports]

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