Jin Air head coach: “(The Xayah and Rakan pick) was made last minute.”

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The professional debut of the Xayah and Rakan duo was not initially planned, it appears. After the Jin Air Green Wings defeated the ROX Tigers on Thursday, head coach Han Sang-yong said in an interview with OSEN’s Ko yong-jun that Game 2’s unexpected bottom lane choice wasn’t something the team planned ahead of time. “The Xayah-Rakan bottom lane was something we didn’t use up till two weeks ago because their laning phase was very week, but the choice was made last minute,” he said. “We were able to win thanks to our jungle and mid lane covering for the bottom lane.” The victory is particularly sweet as Jin Air comes off a ninth place finish in the League Champions Korea spring split, so opening with a victory was a strong start. Han said he wanted to “win with an exciting game,” and praised his players for actually making it possible. But Han also maintained his cautious mindset by commenting that he thinks he won “because ROX wasn’t feeling its best,” and that the team won’t be complacent in preparing for their next match. To his point, a ROX player did leave the game because of illness in the middle of the series. Jin Air plays the Ever8 Winners on Wednesday in their second match of the split

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